The 2011 Montreal International Auto Show was one of the best attended events I have seen in recent years. The organizers carefully orchestrated this 43rd edition with a wide range of vehicles from the expensive advanced technology sport models to the economical and innovative cars.

It was thrilling to watch the display of overwhelming excitement ranging from the children to the serious car enthusiasts. The audience was allowed to check out the interior and exterior of the cars and trucks on display with some exceptions, such as the $200,000 Aston Martin and $400,000 Rolls Royce. It was a rare opportunity to see these half-a-million-dollar cars even from the other side of the rope.

Displays of Honda’s Formula 1, American SUVs, especially the Lincoln, and Mitsubishi’s new electric SUV brought in some excitement. While the expensive sport models – Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Range Rover and Mercedes – captured much attention. These high-end cars promise to deliver a lot more than you can imagine.

Most impressive of all was the aggressive competition of car companies from around globe in showcasing their efforts to develop and produce ecoEnergy vehicles. For future electric-driven cars, Hydro-Québec made its presence felt. The utility company will test Mitsubishi MIEV prototypes in the field. This will help Hydro-Québec determine how the electricity distribution network can handle the demand. These distribution facilities will encourage more companies to develop the next generation of high-efficiency alternate-fuel cars.

As for the smaller models, the new Fiat 500 attracted another large crowd. This cute little Italian charmer will surely get into the minds of the Volkswagen Beetle and Mercedes Smart fans. The beautiful exterior design and the well thought-out interior design will make this car appealing on city streets. Overall, it looks solidly made – inside and out.

Most drivers on the road are not ready to compromise on the power and handling of their vehicles. Hopefully the car companies will focus on developing new technologies, which will result in a powerful, budget-conscious and eco-friendly strategy to cater to the wide range of highly imaginative car and truck maniacs.