By the grace of fax technology, the results from the 13th Annual Chisasibi Invitational Hockey and Broomball Tournament, held Feb. 29 to March 3, have generously been made available to us, The Nation. We now pass them on to you, our gentle readers.

Champs: Waskaganish Starlites, 2, $3,000
Finalists: Wemindji Wolverines, 0, $ 1,500
Best Defense: Eastmain Aces, Linda Gilpin
Best Forward: Chis. NS, Daisy House
Best Goalie: Wask. Starlites, Tracey Frank
Top Scorer: Wemindji Wolverines
MVP: Wask. Starlites, Betty Blackned
Class “B” Hockey Champeens: Waskaganish, 6, $3,000 Finalists: Fort George Warriors, 4, $1,500
Best Defense: Chee Bee Contractors, Leslie Herodier
Best Forward: Whapmagoostui Tomahawks, Steven Boudrias Top Scorer: Waskaganish, Elmer Salt
Best Coach: FG Warriors, Glen Salt
MVP: Waskaganish, Charles Katapatuk
Class “A”
Champeronis: Chisasibi North Stars, 8, $5,000
Finalists: Wemindji Wolves, 4, $3,000
Best Defense: Waskaganish Wings, Abel Namagoose
Best Forward: Chis. Hunters, Glen Wadden
Best Goalie: Chis. Hunters, Stanley Kitty
Top Scorer: Chis. Hunters, Glen Wadden
Best Coach: Wem. Wolves, Stanley Shashaweskum
MVP: Chisasibi Hunters, Brian Bearskin