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After sex, my boyfriend always flings the used condom across the bedroom towards the garbage. This is fine except for when he misses (about half the time). He seems to forget that he missed and just leaves it there! I don’t want to touch it. What should I do?

Grossed Out Dear Grossed Out,

Right you are to not want to go around picking up condoms full of other people’s semen. That stuff could potentially be infected with HIV, the AIDS virus. So tell him to pick it up and toss it directly into the garbage where none of his bodily fluids will be around for someone to step in.

While researching the answer to this question, I came across a very interesting tidbit at “[It is a] well-documented observation that HIV is much less likely to be transmitted when semen enters the mouth than the vagina. Physiologically, the mouth and vagina are pretty similar. The main difference is that the mouth contains saliva. Saliva is unique in that it’s the only fluid the body produces that’s salt-free. The white blood cells that HIV infects contain salt. If you put those cells in salt-free saliva, they burst, and the HIV in them gets destroyed. That’s why it’s hard to transmit HIV during oral sex. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy. “ Use that information as you see fit.

Dear Naughty Squaw,

How can I tell if my boyfriend loves me?

Smitten I wanted to save this one for the next Valentine’s issue, but February is so far away and it’s nice to have sweet questions once in a while.

I asked around the office and looked on the good ol’ Internet, and here is a nice starter list: He says “I love you”.

She brings me a cold drink without me even having to ask.

He holds my hand while we sleep! She gives you a backrub. Or a footrub! mmmmm He makes me a coffee every morning and brings it to me in bed even before I wake up.

She meets me at the bus stop after work.

He makes all the kids’ lunches.

She hides little love notes -in my pockets, under my pillow, in my lunch.

He buys me flowers for no reason in particular.

He lets me warm my feet on him but never warms his feet on me.

She offers me the last piece of pie.

He always puts the used condom directly into the trash.