According to Air Creebec communications officer Jonathan Saganash, since the recent passing of their late president, Albert Diamond, the company has been flooded with calls concerning who will be the new Air Creebec president.

“Right now we do not even know ourselves as to who the next president of Air Creebec is going to be, it is a process,” said Saganash.

Since Diamond’s passing in September, Jack Blacksmith has been acting as interim president for Air Creebec because he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Air Creebec director general David Bertrand and chief financial officer Sylvain Dicaire have also been taking care of the majority of the late Diamond’s responsibilities and managing most of the work.

Because they felt it would be most appropriate given the nature of the business, the Cree-owned airline’s board has recently come to the decision that the position of a new president would best be filled internally instead of posting the position for anyone to apply to. The board will be looking for someone from either the current Air Creebec or Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company (CREECO) employee pool to fill the prestigious position.

Air Creebec will be enlisting the aid of consultants from the aviation industry to help them in their selection and also to help carry out the interview process. The company will be meeting again in December to discuss their candidate pool and are hoping to be able to announce a new president in the New Year.

“It really isn’t easy to fill Albert Diamond’s shoes; he was more than a president. He was very involved in the company, even at the operational level. He had no weak points,” said Saganash.