On January 2, Valerie Rose Whiskeychan and Murphy Diamond celebrated the arrival of their third child, Lillianna La-thia Karla Rose Whiskeychan, the first Cree arrival of 2013.

Valerie gave birth to Lillianna at the Val d’Or Hospital at 7:45 pm to a healthy baby weighing 7 pounds, 12 ounces, or 3.51 kg. The delivery went smoothly and both the mother and the baby are doing well. The baby girl joins brother Vernon Whiskeychan and sister Harly Stephen as the newest member of the family.

There is much to say about what happened in 2012. All of the changes that took place and movements that blossomed from the grassroots. We all were witnesses to these events either by participating or through social discussion. But to those born afterwards, it will be up to us to pass down what happened.

Congratulations to the family on their beautiful baby girl, Lillianna, the first Cree of the New Year.