Once again, Terres en vue or Lands in Sight is gearing up for another First People’s Festival. This year will be the 14th time they have turned the assimilation tables around. From June 10-21 there will be Native directors showing their latest films and documentaries, Native dancers on the streets of Montreal and Native musicians. The place to be will be Lion d’Or in Montreal June 9. There you will be entertained with some of the hottest musicians around. Many go every year and it never fails to outdo the last year. It just keeps getting better. The crowds keep getting bigger too.

Part of this year’s attractions include filling up Emilie-Gamelin Park (near Berri-UQAM metro) with Aboriginal artists and crafts people. You get to see dancers from all over the Americas. Some of the craftspeople show how to make traditional tools and clothing. You can see baskets woven before your eyes, hides tanned and necklaces made.

This year the Whapmagoostui Art Factory will be returning to sell their creations. So come on out and support the next generations of Cree artists. Who knows, what you buy today may be worth big bucks in the future. If not, you still have a piece of Cree pottery to enjoy. The Whapmagoostui Art Factory is just one of the strong contributions made by Aboriginal Youth to this Festival.

Listen to the story-tellers who weave a tapestry of nearly forgotten legends transporting you into the past. Just sit back and enjoy a slice of Aboriginal life in the middle of Montreal.

It truly has something for the entire family. Hope to see you all there.