PastedGraphic-2The curtain is slowly dropping on the summer and the symphony has begun to play a few autumn tunes as I am still standing in Wemindji in my Ralph Lauren Vintage Chino shorts. I spent my whole summer in the Cree territory and I did not even catch any “peckle sprout!” (I am told it’s speckle trout). However, I was able to sleep in a pop-up tent – no teepee was available! – at Waswanipi Old Post, which made my summer a bit more culturally authentic.

Anyhow, I didn’t do any fishing. So no fish, no cash prizes. Call me old fashioned, I like to fish when I feel like having fish, but winning a boat really is tantalizing. Perhaps next year I’ll purchase my own fishing stick and pretty fake rubber insects. I will go Gobanji again. I think I was given a tackle box one Christmas but it’s been handed out at one of my exclusive garage sales.

On the plus side, derby season is almost over which means I can cast my net at any spot without have to worry about an outsider shredding up my dad’s net, as I don’t know own one, yet. I have a bear trap though. By the way I trapped a bear last year thanks to my dad, who placed the trap at “our Iserhoff spot” and got one! I was in a meeting but I was deeply moved when Mom screamed in excitement of “my” catch. I love my bear trap. I have to bedazzle it soon.

Speaking of derbies, can the Cree Nation host a Kentucky Derby? It’s not your finger-licking good KFC but it involves horses and fantastic southern style with over-the-top Philip Treacy hats. I was first introduced to horses by Larry Linton back in the 1980s and have always admired horses. I also remember the tragedy at the stable; I think every Mistissini Eenou remembers the fire that engulfed the beautiful beasts.

Anything out-of-the-ordinary excites me and I can understand the average Cree wouldn’t budge to do a polo match. It’s almost like hockey except you’re galloping on a horse in tight pants, similar to baseball but you’re hitting oversize golf balls towards an empty net. That’s my kinda game. I think this could be a trend and I am pretty darn sure that we’d top the CBC newsfeed again.

I should sit with newly elected DGC Rodney Mark on this one and see what he thinks. He’s pretty hip and cool. His Mohawk was the bomb. I wonder if Pauline Marois will allow this fashion forwardness to grace the Assemblée nationale. I’ll keep you posted.

Awessa sash mook August! I just noticed, while I glanced over to my left as I was reading the JBNQA (okay, it’s Daniel Steele’s Hotel Vendome). I have not taken a summer holiday! Are there any horses at the Calypso? Seriously, I hear the symphony getting louder and louder and the curtain is almost to the floor. Is summer really over? I hope and wish that my horse will rescue me and whisk me to Kentucky. Happy middle August!

Hashtag Josh