Isn’t it amazing what a piece of blueberry glazed cake is capable of? Fortunately, it wasn’t available in Nemaska where I had the pleasure of experiencing a most unusual restaurant a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, it’s the only restaurant in Nemaska. The place looked very popular during dinner one evening and there was no place for me and my host Roger to sit so we elbowed our way, knocking down the young and old alike, over to the corner where my sister-in-law and her daughters were sitting, where we proceeded to take over my niece’s places at their table.

Don’t worry, we were as gentle with them as possible considering they have sharp teeth, very long nails and have been known to be very vicious when threatened. It took more than a while for the waitress to show up so we sat around for about 15 minutes talking excitedly about our upcoming fishing trip to Roger and Reuben’s “Secret Spot” (a TV show is in the works, motto: “Prahm wallah countreh”) and stealing from Lillian’s plate of French fries.

There was only one waitress on duty for a room of about 30 hungry guests. Right after serving one of the clients she recruited him as a waiter. The young man looked extremely hungry but took the job reluctantly. High rate of unemployment up North, you know. Roger soon discovered that two servers weren’t enough so he got up and started taking orders. I don’t know if he was trying to get himself a free meal but in the end he didn’t. Nice try, Roger.

With heightened perception brought on by near starvation, I found that three waiters still wasn’t enough so I got up and rushed to the kitchen to see if my order was ready. It wasn’t, so I seized the opportunity to serve myself coffee and quickly inspect the kitchen. It was immaculate and the staff, minus the cook, looked very busy. Satisfied with the state of the kitchen, I returned to our table and waited hungrily for my order.

Meanwhile, Roger was still busy taking orders trying, no doubt, to make enough on tips to pay for his and his son Nigel’s meal. Eventually, or more precisely, 20 or so minutes later, with my hamburger and French fries ready, I was back to my role as paying customer. The food was excellent considering the cook was on vacation. Roger tells me his pizza is to die for.

While all this lunacy was taking place, some people who had apparently read a previous scathing review of mine were on their knees, figuratively speaking, begging me not to write about what was happening and assuring me this was not the way the restaurant was usually run. Not to worry folks. In the restaurant business, it’s the taste of the food and the ambiance that counts. Who cares if you have to get up and serve yourself once in a while? I feel it gives a restaurant a comfortable, homey atmosphere.

Believe me, I myself have been spotted to actually get off my seat at the dinner table and, dare I say it, serve myself!!! So, on a scale of one to 39, the restaurant rates (drum roll please) a big thumbs up.