This isn’t so much an editorial as a thank you to all the people we met with in our mini-tour of the coastal communities a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to George in Waskaganish, who not only put us up for the night but showed us some of that famous Cree hospitality. The country food was great at his home.

Thanks to Joe in Wemindji, who found us a place to stay and made an interview with Vern Cheecho possible, among other things. A special thanks to the Elders in the longhouse in Wemindji for the sturgeon, donuts and photos. To the ladies who thought we were “handsome boys,” we thought you were cute too. You showed us it’s never too late to look! Also thanks to Mike for the tour and info.

Then we were on to Chisasibi and the fantastic hospitality and warmth of the Webb family.

A thanks also goes out to Leon-Marie for putting up with our antics on the tour of LG-2 (see “Inside the Evil Empire” on page 17 for the full story).

If there is anyone we missed, please forgive us for our senility and accept our thanks. There were a lot of people who made this trip possible.

Thanks to Air Creebec for the plane tickets so we could visit the communities. Thanks to the unknown Air Creebec employee who made sure The Nation made it home so we could put out this issue.

When we toured the communities we found much that surprised us. Ordinary people going to great lengths to help out their community. Everything from teaching youth art techniques to simply helping out where possible.

We found that the people are working for a better future. Unfortunately, with the limited time, we could not meet with all of


Please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. As we’ve said before, The Nation is here for you and your ideas, concerns, stories, achievements and whatever else is on your mind. Share them with us and the whole Cree Nation!

Meegwich and hoping to see or hear from you soon.