Dakota House arrived in town just before 2 p.m.

Dakota, who plays the character TeeVee on the CBC show North Of 60, was exhausted after the long trip from Edmonton and his overnight stay in Montreal. He was picked up by Nellie Pachano at La Grande Airport.

When he first arrived in Chisasibi, he was taken to his motel room. There, he realized he had taken the wrong luggage from the airport.

When he opened the bag, it was filled with women’s clothing. Someone went to the airport to find his bag and bring it to him.

From the motel, Dakota went to have lunch at Bonnie Fireman’s place. Before he arrived, he thought he was coming to a warm climate. He was soon to realize he was wrong. The average temperature in Edmonton was -25 to -31 degrees Celsius. One morning in Chisasibi, he woke up to a hazy morning of -45 degrees Celsius and just wanted to stay in bed. The first day he was here, Dakota was taken on a tour of Chisasibi. The next day he was scheduled to have discussions with the classes. He was asked many questions by the students…

How did you first get started?

Three years ago, my mom saw this ad in the paper. It was calling on young native actors and models 14 to 15 years of age. I had no experience in either of them. The only acting I did was in a school play. I remember once in grade 3, I played Santa Claus. I had no Santa boots, so I had to wear rubber boots. That was probably the extent of that. So I called up this place and I made arrangements to audition. I did my first audition with Betty Chadwick. After two auditions, I got an acting scholarship at the other agency for 10 weeks. That was basically to get me over my shyness and learn about what’s behind the scenes and what to expect.

How do you like it here?

The people are friendly. It’s quiet and cold. But I like the cold.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I do. There’s Reco and Nevada, who are 17 and 15 years old….

At this point, Beverly and Christina burst out laughing. Dakota asked, “Why are they laughing?” I think a few people figured out why they were laughing! He also mentioned that he lived in the same house as his family. Both he and his girlfriend, Tonya Jacknife, live there with their baby girl. Tonya gave birth to Janelle Dakota Jacknife House during the start of a new season of North Of 60. Janelle was born on Sept. 16,1992.

…When is your birthday?

My birthday is on February 17. I will be 20 years old.

Is that your real baby on the show?

No, it’s not. The baby we use on the show is supposed to be a girl, but it’s really a boy! I really do enjoy children, not like my character, TeeVee. It’s hard being mean to a baby on the show. During the cuts I tell the baby to come here and play with him….

…After the little chat, Dakota asked me a question: “How did you feel when you first met me?” I told him I felt shy at first. As I got to know him better, it was like talking to an old buddy I haven’t seen for a while. I felt comfortable talking to him and he was very outgoing.

Later that night I met him again at the Youth Centre where there was a dance going on. I asked him if he can dance. But he told me only to slow songs. So I asked the DJ if he could play a slow song. When the song played, he was asked to dance and many girls kept cutting in during one song. He was just about to leave with the police officer for a ride around town before he went back to his hotel room. I said my good-byes and told him to have a good trip.

I wish him the best in his acting career and to his family.