I was perusing through the many or should I say, thousands upon thousands of comments on Chief Spence’s hunger strike and the Idle No More movement, and most comments I could see were made by people who really have no idea of what this whole thing is about.

One of the things that really gets me are the comments on the taxes which supposedly finance and support First Nations peoples. But in reality, those very taxes are subsidized by funds generated through the use of First Nations lands. Stuff like land use, forestry, mining, petroleum, all those high revenue-generating businesses, if granted the right to use Crown lands (a.k.a. First Nations lands) contribute those taxes to the government. Then some of that money is handed down to Indian Affairs, who then hand down some money to the bands to administer.

So, in reality, no individual’s actual monies are used to finance me. They are left-over funds from natural resource development taxes that fund me. Of course, I must also report to the government and pay taxes if so required. So, in a way, I am double paying the government, the reverse of the many comments that seem to erroneously align themselves with racism and other nasty particulars that tend to arise when different views are so widely expressed.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind having a spot of tea with the prime minister to discuss such matters as the nasty moulds growing on our houses and other delicate items such as having to pay more for basic stuff than any other Canadian, stuff like that, you know… Perhaps I could talk him into having a special tax exemption for Justin Bieber, so he could make even more money and perhaps spread some around and perhaps even finance a national hockey team and whip every team on the planet.

This could relieve many taxpayers’ idea that they actually finance First Nations peoples by just narrowing it down to the richest kid in the world. I’m pretty sure, that Justin, if you’re listening, go get your band number and save a bundle at the gas pump. In fact, just go buy an oil patch or two. Ahhh, the things one can to do with unspent taxes. Anyways, Justin need not worry, because I’m pretty sure he made so much money that he qualifies for the big business tax credits that we always seem to grumble about.

Meanwhile, back home, where the taxes don’t roam, the price tags don’t seem to show any break at all. And, at a cash register just outside our lands, we end up paying more tax on the same item anyways, just because the price is so high. So if anyone thinks I’m getting a break at the pump or at the store, one has to remember, there are no such things as breaks up north. And if there are, it’s usually in favour of big business. So relax taxpayers, be glad that’s all you have to pay for and get all of it back in services.

I just thought that I’d bring this up just in case someone thought that I get some of your income tax funds. Sorry, the government gets all your money. Don’t forget to file this year.