I would like to express something about the residential schools issue. Maybe somebody has been gone through what I have been through. I have been reading and hearing a lot about the residential school money that survivors are given for all the abuse and torture they experienced at residential school.

But what has been in my mind for all these years is what about the other survivors out there? The ones who have been abused by parents who attended residential school?

I am a survivor who has been physically and verbally abused numerous times day and night by a parent who attended residential school. I didn’t know why this was happening to me or what I have done wrong to deserve this.

My parent went to residential school and received money but what about me? I have hid my bruises, my pain, and my tears and kept a lot of deep secrets. Inside of me I am hurt and have a lot of pain. And I kept saying to myself this cannot be happening to me. I have told myself numerous of times when I grow up and have children of my own I will not ever do this to my children.

I went through this abuse for 12 years. I have never told anyone about this cause I thought it would stop some day. As every day, month and year went by I kept saying to myself I hope nothing happens to me again. But the abuse didn’t stop.

As I grew older I kept thinking of taking my own life cause my mind, body and soul was getting weak and tired of this abuse. But I knew inside of me there is more ahead of my life and someday this abuse will stop. I wanted to seek help and talk to someone who would understand me of what is happening to me, but it was hard to cause I felt that nobody out there would believe me. So I just let the abuse keep going on, there was nothing more I could do or fight back against my parent.

Today I am glad that I am away from this abuse and have children of my own who I love very much. I am glad for who I am today. I SURVIVED this abuse from the past and am still standing on my own two feet. But inside of me things are scarred for life and will never be forgotten of what I have been through of all these years.

I believe that we all need help from being a victim on certain causes and purposes. Life is not easy, I know mine wasn’t but I managed to get through it all for bad and worse. But I encourage all people who are victims of any kind of abuse, please do get help and do speak openly about it to someone you can trust. Nobody deserves to be treated this way.