A majority of people in Quebec and Canada believe Natives in northern Quebec have the right to remain part of Canada if Quebecers vote to separate, according to a poll published in the Montreal Gazette.

In the poll, 54 percent of Quebecers and 78 per cent of people in the rest of Canada said Natives can stay in Canada in the event of separation. The poll, conducted Dec. 17-21, is based on interviews with 401 Quebecers and 1,104 people outside the province.

The poll also found that 39 per cent of Quebecers support separation and 51 per cent are against it. Ten per cent are unsure. The survey also found a lot of hostility to Quebec separation in the rest of the country. If Quebec does separate, 59 per cent of people outside Quebec said the federal government should take a “hard-line” approach in negotiations with Quebec.