Here’s a list of activities happening in various communities this summer

Now that people have put away their goose-break gear until next season, we can look at what we are going to do during the summer months. Each community hosts different events ranging from tournaments to fishing derbies to camp meetings to pow-wows so that you and your families can have fun.

I made lots of phone calls and left lots of messages to find out what was happening this summer. Here are some of the events for certain communities. For those I left out, I didn’t forget you, I just didn’t get the information I needed in the proper time frame. So enjoy yourself and have lots of fun. Agooda, until next year.




Football Program –
May 25-September


Minor Softball Program – Local Volleyball Tournament – June 11-13

Football Tournament
– June 11-13


Canada Day Celebration
– July 1

Music Program – July

Hockey School – July 5-16

Minor Softball Tournament – July 15-18

Louis Neacappo Invitational Basketball Tournament
– July 22-25

Mamoweedow Minstuk
– July 25-August 1


Softball Clinic (Darren Zack) – August 1-5

Senior Softball & Fastpitch Tournament – August 6-8

Traditional Pow-wow – August 6-8

Football Tournament – August 13-15

Chisasibi’s Birthday Celebration – August 18


Cree Arts Festival – September



Darren Zack Fastpitch Camp – June 20-27

Swimming Program & Life Guarding – June 22-August

TMSI Summer Camp
– June-August


Canada Day Celebration – July 1

Annual Youth Gathering – July

Canoe Brigade July-August

Health Massage – July or August

Rising Stars Basketball Camp – July 12-25

Invitational Senior Basketball Tournament – July 16 -18

Arts Performing Classes – TBA

Cree Nation Summer Games – July 18-25

Invitational Minor Softball Tournament – July 23-25


Goalie Camp – August 6-8

5th Annual Invitational Softball & Fastball Tournament – August 12-15

Youth General Assembly
– August

Music Festival – August


Albert Diamond Golf Benefit – September

Local Co-ed Slowpitch Tournament
– September 23-26


Mistissini Pentacostal Camp Meeting – July 5-11

Sports Program
– June-August

Hockey Development Program – June-August

Perch River Camp meeting – August 2-8

Mistissini Fishing Derby – August 20-22


Invitational Swim Meet
– June 19

Aboriginal Day Festival
– June 20-21

Old Nemaska Days
– July 4-18 (tentative)

Cree Summer Games – TBD

Nemaska Camp Meeting
– July 19-25

Cree Nation Fitness Challenge – July 23-25

Invitational Arm Wrestling
– July 23

Strongman Competition
– July 24


2nd Annual Blueberry Festival – August 12-15

Washaw Sibi

Youth General Assembly
– August 3-5


Youth Symposium
– June 22-24


National Aboriginal Festivities, Victoria Island
– June 19-20