Stornoway Diamonds hosted an event this month to emphasize the company’s close collaboration with Quebec and the communities of the James Bay region in the development of its mining projects in the area.

Mistissini Chief Richard Shecapio, Quebec Natural Resources Minister Martine Ouellet and Chibougamau Mayor Manon Cyr were on hand as the company touted the importance of the Route 167 Extension-Renard Mine Road and the new Monts Otish regional aerodrome. These undertakings, largely financed by the Quebec government, will contribute to the development of Quebec’s first diamond mine, the Renard Diamond Project.

“We determined that earning our licence to operate from the region’s local communities and contributing to their economic development would be one of our top priorities,” said Patrick Godin, Stornoway’s Chief Operating Officer.

The project, located 250 km north of Mistissini, is expected to produce up to 3% of the world supply of rough diamonds.