Attawapiskat hunter Ian Kamalatisit, 20, went missing April 11 after he failed to return home from his hunting camp. His ski-doo and belongings were later found floating on the ice not far from the community.

The following day, a search was launched with the help of the Ontario Provincial Police and their divers. But after a few days, the search was called off due to the tides and cold temperatures.

In early May, a search volunteer was pulling up his anchor when he noticed what looked like a leg and a foot hooked to it. When he tried retrieving the object, it slipped off and disappeared. He notified the band council who in turn informed the OPP. When OPP divers searched the area, they came up empty-handed.

On May 5, the band council closed all offices and businesses so more community members could be involved in the search. At press time, there is still no word of a body recovery.