Police couldn’t catch up to Mistissini’s Kenny Gunner who powered his way to two first-place finishes in skidoo races in January.

Kenny pushed his Polaris machine to a first-place win in the Ouje-Bougou-mou sno-cross professional class race on Jan. 21. He was headed for an easy win in the next day’s race too but machine trouble cost him time. Walter Capississit of Ouje-Bougoumou placed 5th in the Jan. 21 pro race.

A week later, Kenny was in good form again as he motored to a first-place win in La Dore’s cross-country race.

Also on Jan. 28, Sydney Coonishish took first place in the Molson-O’Keefe/ Chapais Skidoo Club oval course race in the 500 c.c. and under category.