Wine (or flowers for dry communities) and chocolates;

Rose petals thrown on the bed & chocolate kisses on her pillow;

Soft, relaxing, romantic music;

Tell your woman you think she is beautiful, and explain why (personality counts too, not just her physical attributes);

Spend time with her and her alone – no TV, no movies, no interruptions (Will likes to call it “cuddle time”);

Give her a gift that shows you are thinking about her;

Create a homemade Valentine card for your Valentine;

Say “I’m sorry” first, even if you aren’t;

Mix freshly squeezed orange juice with champagne and serve her breakfast in bed;

Surprise your wife/girlfriend and do the dishes… naked! (or just do them anyway!);

Red and pink candles everywhere (here’s a nice idea – use red food color and water in a nice brandy glass or small glass dish and a scented floating candle);

Bath with scented oils and rose petals followed by a sensual massage;

Tell your man you think he is strong, and say why (not just physically, but emotionally, too);

Take an old photo of you both and put it in a frame along with a recent photo to see how you have grown together;

Match up his socks;

If he doesn’t want to talk, leave him alone;

Order him a subscription to his favorite magazine ( The Nation, of course!);

Laugh at his jokes;

Surprise your husband/boyfriend and do get him that snack from the fridge… naked! (or go into the kitchen and don’t come out until he comes looking for you… hmmm):

THE 2 of you
Get the babysitter to take the kids to her/his house to make the most of your Valentine’s night – alone in silence (or not…)

Write a personal letter of admiration/adoration to your special one and hide it under his/her pillow, or in a jacket pocket, wallet, purse, wherever it is easy to find and surprise them;

Each write a top ten list of the favorite things you love about your mate and read them aloud to each other… in bed!

Have a special dinner at home with scrumptious foods and one of our enticing chocolate desserts(look for our recipes);

Take a romantic walk together, hand in hand, after dark;