The Nemaskau Eenouch and Eenou Nation has lost one of its most beloved and respected members in a sudden and tragic circumstance. Friend, councillor, mentor and Elder Andrew Moar died May 25, 2007.

Many will each remember Andrew in their own unique and special way and how he touched our lives. Andrew emulated the spirit of a unique and special character. Just a few words or minutes with him would make you feel as if you knew him all your life and that he was and always would be your friend. Of the countless photographs of Andrew there are very few without a smile. He was never too busy to help out and do his part. He was never too burdened to lighten another’s load. He was never too selfish to share his blessings with others. He was never too proud to be humble.

One can not help but shed tears when passing by the place where Andrew took his last breath and where his body was found on Nemaska Lake.

Farewell and thank you Andrew Moar.