Drew Taylor is a 32-year-old Native playwright. Someday is his most recent addition to Native theater. Taylor insists though that his material is not written exclusively for a Native or non-Native audience.

Someday is the first play I’ve enjoyed since I came to Montreal. At times the characters seemed to be memories of people back in the communities. Anne, the main character, delivers with a deja vu feeling. I know that woman from somewhere kind of feeling. After the show other Native people from all over agreed that they knew an Anne in their community. Bernelda Wheeler as Anne was unreal.

Even after the show I found it hard not to go up to her and talk like an old friend. It was nice to see Joy Keeper once again.

I imagine that other people haven’t forgotten Joy since she travelled with the James Bay Youth Caravan back in the mid-eighties.

Joy brought a lot of herself to the communities. Pardon the pun. Joy’s striking role as the younger sister was well-suited to her talents. It was great to see her on the stage again. She looked good as always.

Glen Gould is Rodney, a constant com plainer but in a good way. He also happens to be the narrator and has some great lines. I guess the most quoted is: “Life, the Creator’s way of saying impress me.” He delivers it well. I enjoyed his debut appearance in Montreal.

Janice Wirth is played by Sally Singal. Her part is disturbing. Perhaps it is something of the reminder when you return to the communities after being away. It is different than what you’re used to. My mother always was asking me to slow down the first few days after I arrived. Come to think of it so was everyone else. Sally’s character reminded me of that.

Someday is the story of the Children’s Aid Society’s “Scoop-Up” program. Social workers descended on Native mothers they deemed unfit and took the children.

These children were then adopted by non-Native people who brought them up in a foreign culture. It talks of the pain of not knowing where your children are and how they are. It tells of the pain of the children not knowing who or what they are.

Don’t mistake me, Drew Taylor makes his magic and brings humour to the situation. The laughs are not far apart as we look at a Native family living a “normal” life until they win a $5-million lottery. Along with the dreams of luxuries, Anne decides to try to follow a dream of her own, to be reunited with the daughter the social aid workers took. She

eventually gets reunited and there are surprises for all. This play had a few tears caught in my throat but it also had me laughing a lot more. I was also on the edge of my seat to see what came next.

I definitely plan on seeing the sequel. You should plan on seeing Someday soon. This is a more-than-pleasant change from the banality of most movies these days.

Someday is playing at the Centaur Theater from now until December the 4th. The Centaur Theater is located at 453 St-Francois-Xavier, Old Montreal. Phone 514-288-3161 for ticket information. You won’t regret it.