They say good business is where you find it. They also say that the three most important things in business are location, location, and location. If you manage to establish the right business in the right location you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

Case in point, if you were to relocate to sunny California you could do rather well for yourself by opening a plastic surgery clinic. Artificial hip manufacturing might be the just the ticket if you were to move your base of operations to Florida, where the demand for new hips is almost as high as the number of retirees that settle there.

If you choose your location unwisely, you could find yourself idling away the hours with little more to occupy you than endless games of solitaire played on that flashy new state of the art computer you just bought to help run your business. The next thing you know, a trio of stocky guys show up in a moving van and repossess your dreams of entrepreneurial bliss, including the hard drive, printer, modem, and that cute little mouse. For instance, selling road maps in Great Whale would be pushing the envelope of poor judgement to the max.

Through an informal poll conducted by the Nation, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions as to what businesses might sink or swim in the James Bay region.


*Vegetarian restaurant — this could only work if meat was suddenly declared a vegetable

*Antique store — old stuff is what you throw away, people want new things

*Surf wear shop — the surfing craze hasn’t caught on yet and there’s no reason to believe it will, even with global warming

*Pro Cricket League — too many rules, not enough contact

*Citrus farm — the growing season ain’t quite right, the soil’s not ideal either

*Laundromat — why go out to do your laundry when you have a perfectly good washer and dryer at home?

*Petting zoo — maybe a trapping zoo, but not a petting zoo

*Mosque or Synagogue — there’s just too much competition out there


*Paintball — the craze that’s sweeping the Nation

*Indoor golf course — if you build it we will come

*Duck pond dresser — for the active hunter on the go with no time to spare, lets you get right to the shooting

*Boat-to-boat catering service — for the busy fisherman with no time to spare on sandwich preparation, also handy to take dinner home if the Walleye aren’t biting

*UFO landing pad complete with welcome mat, interpretation center

and souvenir stand — if they

(note: end of article missing from original version due to printing error)