The armoured cars purchased by the SQ should be gotten out of storage and deployed against the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, says Jocelyn Turcotte, president of the Quebec Provincial Police Association.

“They were bought at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars each and they never move out of Quebec and Sainte-Julie. They serve as museums for children. I know that during their acquisition it was mentioned that they would not be utilized on aboriginal territory. I want this directive changed.”

Turcotte said in a La Presse article that SQ officers stationed at Oka are living in constant “uncertainty,” and are nearing nervous breakdowns because their jobs are so frustrating. “We are walking on eggshells. We can’t accomplish our work as needed. When we judge it good to intervene, we have to wait to receive the necessary directives, which in other circumstances would be transmitted to us in a few minutes… We have the impression of having our hands tied,” he said, pleading with the Quebec government to intervene in Kanehsatake.

“At Oka, there are criminals whom the government leaves alone to do their stuff,” said the outspoken police union boss. “The population in general has no idea of the gravity of the situation. Not only the lives of our members are in danger when they intervene, but also those of the inhabitants of Oka.”

Turcotte said it’s “obvious” that “war” has been declared between Mohawks at Kanehsatake. He said if the SQ doesn’t have the necessary equipment to intervene, Quebec should call in the RCMP and the Canadian army.