Badabin Eeyou School was proud to host the Cree School Board Regional Fair this year. Participants from Chisasibi, Mistissini, Waskaganish, Wemindji, Ouje-Bougoumou, Nemaska and Whapmagoostui competed for prizes on the 4th of March.

In recognition of the effort put into each and every project, all participants received small gifts with their welcome kits. All projects that won prizes were given an educational gift, a cash prize and a certificate.

The final results were as follows:

Elementary Cycle I

1st: From Chisasibi, Samuel Pachano and Morris Sam, “The Wooden Trap” Elementary Cycle 2

3rd: From Wemindji, Tamara Murdock & Margaret Danyluk, Transformed Matter” 2nd: From Chisasibi, Kurtis Kataquapit & Alexander Macdonald, “Car Crash Test” 1st: From Wemindji, Tyler Shanush & Dana Morrison, “Volcanoes”

Elementary Cycle 3 3rd: From Ouje-Bougoumou, Patrick LaCroix, “Orcas”

2nd: From Waskaganish, Tania Bangura & Melissa Gilpin, “The Human Body”

1st: From Chisasibi, Mahalia Lokhurst & Tanya-Dawn House, “What’s Really in the Food You Eat?”

Secondary Cycle I

3rd: From Wemindji, Stacey Matches & Dwayne Visitor, “Food Energy”

2nd: From Waskaganish, Natasha Diamond & Trista Cheechoo, “Density”

1st: From Whapmagoostui, Julian Audlarock, “The Incandescent Lamp” Secondary Cycle 2

2nd: From Chisasibi, Kamala Heroux-Houle, “Ferme de Toit”

1st: From Mistissini, Julie Linton & Pauline Matoush, “Diabetes”

Organizers would like to thank everyone that helped make this a successful venture. Special thanks go out to our sponsors; including the Cree School Board, Whapmagoostui Band Corporation and the Great Whale Social Club.

In addition, they would like to thank the Great Whale Northern and Co-op Stores for their donations. Air Inuit for donating a ticket to be raffled, the Whapmagoostui and Kuujjuarapik Radio Stations for helping with publicity, and Lizzies Coffee Shop for the delicious dinner they catered for the banquet. To all those who volunteered their time to judge on the day of the com-petition-“Thank You!” We also thank all those who took billets into their homes.