JOsh_iserhoffI live in fear of hitting a moose with my chic Honda Crosstour. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Facebook pictures of wrecked vehicles from moose hit-and-runs.

Several weeks ago, my father found an injured moose near the site of yet another encounter with a car. The car was severely damaged but the moose was in relatively decent shape. The animal suffered internal bleeding but my dad and his trapper friend were able to salvage the whole thing! The family hosted a feast for a beloved birthday and no one knew the blessed meat was roadkill.

Sounds funny but the carnivores sure did enjoy the fresh moose hit by who knows! So be careful out there, don’t let your heavy foot be too heavy. Those moose can really put a dent in your shiny new SUV, and especially in your designer wallet.

I am blessed to travel to all communities, to talk with our people and hear their concerns, ideas, extramarital affairs, etc…. One thing I must bring up again is that we have this threat of uranium mining trying to cross our borders, even when we as Cree people have voiced our opposition.

What would happen if one day the government allows such mining to go ahead? The sheer devastation that it would bring to the land is unthinkable. And how it would affect our precious animals that our ancestors have for centuries respected and hunted? My friend Melissa B. Saganash (Director of Cree-Quebec Relations) and I have this mandate to bring a message that the Cree of Eeyou Istchee have spoken and that we stand against uranium.

The message is clear and we had Cree youth in Germany who were protesting and attracting international attention to stop uranium in Quebec! I am very proud of Matthew Iserhoff and Jamie Moses for being our voices on the international scene. We will continue to fight and I urge you, dear Nation readers, to join us in expressing our deep opposition to uranium mining on Twitter and Facebook. Your tweets/posts will make a difference.

By the time this hits the stands, I think most of the men (except me) will have had quite the bushy hairdo or some will probably extend their moose break. If the man upstairs wants to bless me with a few days off, I may let my face spend time in the bush. Most of the time I get a beard within minutes. I kid you not!

Anyhow, guys, if you’re in Montreal and looking for a barber you have try Notorious Barbershop on Notre Dame Street West. Leo is your man. His shop is small, cool and they even trim beards and use old-fashioned shaving methods. Not with an axe, but you won’t be disappointed – trust me on this. Who knew – Josh in barbershop!

Hey, Bradley! You’re a step ahead with your famous beard 😉

Let’s not contaminate our moose and the wildlife, but let’s enjoy our life in the wild while sporting fantastic beards. I think my friend LeslieAnn Chiskamish-Coonishish agrees with me that beards are pure sexiness. I’ve just decided to not shave for the next five minutes it will take mine to bloom.

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