I remember a number of years back one of the Cree chiefs lent me his satellite phone to call the office. He was proud of it and I was impressed. This was before cell phones were as common as today. Satellite phones never really caught on but when Future Mobile Solutions offered me one for two weeks I decided to try it out.

I wasn’t as impressed as I was back then but I saw possibilities for them in Eeyou Istchee. Today’s phones added features we take for granted in regular cell phones. There’s SMS texting, email and a mini USB data port. The cost of a call is high at $1.22 a minute. Other costs are above average when compared to cell phones so I would recommend renting a satellite phone for the times you would need it.

Rental rates are $9.49 per day or $249.95 per month. Incoming calls and texts are free but outgoing is billed by the minute. The phone would be useful during goose break and other activities on the land.

This is a perfect tool for the North. If your vehicle breaks down on the James Bay Highway you can easily call for help. Medical emergencies while hunting would have a faster response time. Calling for needed supplies or when you need a helicopter or bush plane are another use. Telling a friend you’re going to be staying longer or are ready to be picked up would be a snap. I’ve seen people who have run out of gas or had motor problems while fishing that had to wait for a chance passerby to assist them. A satellite phone would have saved them time and worry. Workforce teams in the field can coordinate with each other and keep in touch with the main office improving productivity. These are only a few possibilities of the usefulness of a satellite phone. It was a little rough during a snowstorm but I still managed to make a call.

For more info: Richard Lipari at

1-866-775-2355 ext. 205 or www.futuremobilesolutions.com