Well, I didn’t expect the response I got to my last editorial about the moneymaking possibilities of adopting non-Natives who are trying to avoid taxes.

It’s been mixed. Someone pointed out that the rich folks out there also have tons of connections in the business and political structure of this country so getting them on our side might be worth it in the long run. I also had some people talk to me about adoption. Guess they wanted in before a price tag was attached!

A lot of the comments were “no kidding” and do I know someone on both sides of the track… rich adoptees or Native adopters. By the way, Alex is looking for someone to adopt him. If you’re interested in a loving son who’ll take care of you in your old age give The Nation a call at (514) 272-3077 and we’ll start the paperwork rolling (uh, just for tax purposes mom & dad -AR). By the way no blood brother wrist-slitting ceremony required.

We’ll have to act quickly before the government catches on. Of course knowing their bureaucracy in current and past dealings with Native people, we should be able to Native-ize the entire country before the SLow wHeels of government finally grind to another halt to deal with the problem. Perhaps we’ll even get another Royal Commission to deal with the rapidly expanding Native population. Maybe it’ll even mean something this time around.

The only real problem will be who’ll be left to pay the taxes to allow our South Sea paradises to operate? Perhaps we could exclude some people/ occupations/etc. (i.e. the Reform Party) from the adoption system. Give me a call and we’ll print the list in some future edition of The Nation.

Well, I think it’s time for another topic of interest Cree jobs. Whatever happened to those 150 jobs promised by 1996 by Hydro-Quebec in the La Grande Agreement? Perhaps we could just adopt 150 Hydro workers. But I digress. Back to the jobs issue. I would think that our leadership more than anyone understands the unemployment situation in the communities and will make this a priority. I mean a deal’s a deal right? Last time I looked in the court, many a battle was being fought over a little thing called non-performance.