Claiming to have “knocked down” his own case of leukemia, David Coonishish knows only too well what kind of a strain cancer treatment can put on a family. This is why Coonishish is looking to rollerblade a total of 1600 km, from Montreal to Chisasibi, to raise money and awareness for the families of those who are struggling with cancer.

“I am trying to help the sick people, the ones who are battling things like this now. I was struggling financially because I didn’t have an income for so many months and my bills just skyrocketed. I had a really hard time and it was hard for my children and family,” said Coonishish.

Coonishish left Montreal on August 15 and is hoping to arrive in Chisasibi 10 days later on August 25 or 26. His ambitious goal is to rollerblade between 150-250 km per day, with only one day of rest in Val-d’Or in the middle of his trip.

According to the brave young rollerblader, fundraising has already begun within the Cree communities but for those looking to help out Coonishish’s cause, more information can be found in the “David’s Journey” Facebook group.