Rez Notes is a failure. No fault, mind you, of the people who have taken the time to volunteer information good or bad, large or small and those who accepted those inopportune phone calls. We have not received many unsolicited pieces for this page and we are getting a tad irked. But don’t take it personally. Send us your anecdotes, haiku’s, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, complaints, spaghetti recipes, gossip, anything!!, scribble it on the classifieds order form if you must. Please. I’ll spare you the self-pity and desperation and end here. This is, after all, your magazine.

A Cree regional class “A” hockey team should be in Brandon, Manitoba by the time you read this to play in the nationals. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal. The winner of the tournament is considered the best “Indian” hockey team in Canada. Today Canada, tomorrow the world! More on this story in The Nation’s Sports pages in a future issue. In other sports news, Charley Washipabano of Chisasibi who plays for Terrebonne’s “Les Elites Du Nord” can be seen on RDS on February 11 at 2:30 p.m. (See page 19 for more info.) Set your VCRs hockey fans.

Waskaganish rock group, Chiishtin, with members, Anthony Moses, Darryl Salt, Darryl Hester, Jeff Hester and George Salt will be in a recording studio early February here in Montreal. Along with the group are Robert Bobbish and Francine Weistche. The CD is being sponsored by the Cree Nation Youth Council. Look for it in fine Cree record stores everywhere.

We have received, thus far, one vote for The Cutest Guy In The Cree Nation. The lucky guy is from Mistissini. His last name is Gunner. Send in your votes today. You can vote as many times as you wish. Don’t forget your love stories for our Valentines Day issue too. The deadline, February 1st, loometh.

Our mole in the Canadian Treasury writes: “On February 16th you’ll be looking at the Canadian government paring down to the bare necessities. We’re not talking the Jungle Book here. It’s the new reason not to give the kids the change in your pocket. No longer will we see the two dollar bill. Instead the newly minted heavy-metal-suck-up-to-the-North two dollar polar bear coin. Remember to wear your life jackets when canoeing.”

Our extremely well-informed correspondent tells us the great canine roundup will commence soon in Nemaska. Tie up your furry friends lest they be incarcerated. You have 48 hours to claim them before they go to that great fire hydrant in the sky.

In Another Case Of Mistaken Identity: Bono and Adam Clayton of U2 almost met their maker, or if you prefer, makers when they were shot at by police in the resort town of Negril. The plane they were on was mistakenly suspected of being a mule for some drug cartel in Jamaica. Mon.

From the writer, Stone: “On January 4th, ’96, a feast was organized to celebrate Abraham Pachano’s birthday held at the auditorium of the Mitchuap community centre. People attended in great numbers. It was also at the same time as the birthday of one of his many great grandchildren (Skinny George’s daughter). Overwhelmed by the crowd, she burst into tears for the candle-blowing event but her brother graciously lent her a hand to ensure this cake would be carved.”

Desiree and Fantasia also known as Nian and Deantha spotted a Brad Pitt/Kato Kaelin lookalike at Winston’s on Crescent several nights ago. Be warned, his hands tend to wander.