Rez Notes comes to you, in part, this time from the 18th floor of the Cree Lodging in Montreal. It’s best, I think, if I don’t reveal the room number. I’m surrounded by unwrapped gifts as I write this. There’s a giant unmarked box containing the latest in TV technology in one corner and a really fancy stereo in the other. There are various other objects in shopping bags scattered all over the floor. None of which, unfortunately, are for me. A luckier person than I is getting a TV this Christmas. I, on the other hand, will no doubt get the usual pair of socks and long johns. But enough of my great expectations.

Here’s a story that will surely be included in the annals of Cree criminal ineptness. You might recall Rez Notes’ bit having to do with the “borrowed” money and the shopping spree from the last issue. An informed source who was in the vicinity has graciously provided us with more details that are sure to amaze and astound. The story goes that this guy, after allegedly taking a bag containing $60,000 destined for the Wemindji Caisse Pop, went to the very bank the money allegedly belonged to in Eastmain and allegedly tried to make a deposit. He also allegedly bought a new truck but allegedly it hadn’t been delivered yet when he heard the “Man” knocking on his door. Anyway, this story has a multitude of other allegations and embarrassing details in it but the authorities aren’t talking. As far as we’ve been able to find out, no arrests have yet been made. Who are they waiting for? Inspector Santa Claus? ‘Tis the season when heads must roll!!!

Merriment reigned on Montreal’s streets when they were overrun by jolly Crees of all shapes and sizes doing what they do best, shopping and attending meetings trying to decide how to spend our money.

The casino was a popular diversion for the visitors. A neophyte gambler from Chisasibi thought she broke the slot machine she was playing on when it started spitting out 650 loonies. Doris was going to walk away from the machine but luckily her more experienced gamblingmate stepped in and saved the day. A well known “professional” from Waskaganish won $1,600,1 was told.

“Goose downs hunter.” Reuter news has thought it fit to inform us of the hunter in Amsterdam who suffered a concussion and a broken cheekbone from a falling goose another hunter shot. I bet he was on drugs.

The Nation, the multi-award winning newsmagazine (OK, OK, so it won two awards), achieved another milestone a few weeks ago when it celebrated its two years of existence. Has it been that long? It seems like just yesterday when the phone rang one evening and Ernest asked, “Do you wanna help us out? We’re starting a newspaper.” My first question was, “What are you gonna call it?” (We actually talk like this.) The rest, of course, as they say, is Cree history. We hope.