It was a year ago this issue that Rez Notes’99 was launched. We had no clear mandate. Just like the Grand Ol’ Council. It was more of an “almost anything goes” type of deal. Along the way way we have, I am proud to say, made many friends, mistakes and, even prouder to say, a few enemies. Enemies are important to one’s existence. After all if we didn’t have enemies whose back would we talk behind from. So you see kids, you must love your enemies and keep ’em close.

Speaking of enemies, I just heard a while ago our old friend Robert passed away. I had the same feeling as the one I had as I watched Dole react to his fall from grace on the campaign trail a while ago. You don’t think of the man and his politics. For a brief moment all of that fades away and you see the human being with fear and confusion written all over his face. For a brief moment that summer’s eve I actually felt sorry for Dole. I’ll say this for Bourassa, he made life very interesting for the modern Cree. Whether they wanted it or not.

We received a letter by fax which analyzed the fate of that poor fellow in Whapmagoostui. You know. The guy who electrocuted himself whilst in the heat of passion. Readers. Please. Do not send anymore material like the one you are about to read:

Sorry about that faithful readers, that piece we received has just been nixed. The reason given? It will offend too many people. If you would like a copy give me a call and I’ll mail you one for a nominal fee.

That awful piece of artwork (see above photo)overlooking the Ottawa River will finally be dismantled. The statue is of Samuel de Champlain with a native at his feet. The mighty AFN and others complained it was demeaning to us redskins.

The Great One has gone where Mickey Mouse fears to tread. Wayne Gretzky has the honour of being the first human to appear on a soup can label. His image as a Ranger will grace 50 million labels of Campbell’s Chunky.

Speaking of the Campbell’s, Erland asked me if I will put him in Rez Notes again.

I answered, “What did you do this time?” I don’t know about you but I’m starting to think he’s getting over-exposed.

An alternative Montreal tabloid that used to be known as The Voice dropped a letter from its name after they received a stern letter from the venerable Village Voice. They are now known as Vice. It’s something our legal department might have to look into should The Nation from New York protest. We will have to be known as The Notion. Hah!!!!!!