Inquiries into the deaths of remote First Nations students Reggie Bushie, Jethro Anderson, Curran Strang, Paul Panacheese, Robyn Harper, Reggie Bushie, Kyle Morriseau and Jordan Wabasse may finally see the light of day as former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci delivered his report and recommendations regarding the exclusion of First Nations in the jury rolls process in the Kenora, Ontario, region.

Since 2000, seven of the eight teens died mysteriously while away at school in Thunder Bay and yet not one inquiry was carried out into their deaths.

All inquests and court trials that require juries are on hold and have been since March 10, 2011, until the issue regarding the inclusion of First Nations people on juries in the region is resolved.

“As a result of our face-to-face meetings with leaders and community members from 32 First Nations across Ontario, we developed 17 recommendations that will help ensure that the cultural values, laws and ideologies of First Nations are better reflected in the Canadian justice system,” said Iacobucci.

“Implementing the recommendations to improve Ontario’s juries and justice system will make great strides in improving the access and participation of First Nation peoples in Ontario’s justice system.”

The province and regional authorities have announced that they will be forming a committee to implement Iacobucci’s recommendations.