On September 27 the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, Major Guy Lang, met with Cree Grand Chief Matthew Mukash in the Grand Council’s Montreal office.

During their meeting Mukash spoke of his support for both the Canadian Ranger program and the youth wing of the program the Junior Canadian Rangers in the Cree Nations. Maj. Lang said he was highly impressed at the level of commitment and interest Mukash displayed in the two programs.

The Grand Chief spoke at length of his support to the Junior Canadian Ranger program and its benefits to the youth within the Cree Nation Communities.

In the upcoming months, plans are being made for a large-scale military exercise centred in the Cree Nation Community of Wemindji. The exercise will involve between 350 and 500 reservists from the surrounding areas of Montreal and Quebec City and will be strongly supported by the Ranger patrol in Wemindji.

Wemindji was chosen as the location for this exercise due to the success of similar exercises in the past. Maj. Lang is looking forward to the exercise because he says the patrol in Wemindji can be counted on to get the job done, whatever the job may be.

Maj. Lang said he looks forward to working more closely with the Cree to ensure that the Rangers can continue to be “the Canadian Forces eyes and ears in the James Bay.”