Grand Chief Ted Moses was recently named the most influential man of the Year in Quebec by the French-language newsmagazine L’Actualité. The magazine says that they chose ten people who have attracted attention and have had an impact on society that will change lives. Moses was number one on their list because of the AIP.

Moses is certainly popular on the provincial political circuit for his stance in promoting the AIP and downplaying opposition to it. At a conference of the Association de l’industrie éléctronique, Moses said, “There are few opponents, but they speak loudly.” He was speaking of the press coverage, which brought out the fact that not all Crees support this deal. Moses has said his commitment “toward my people is to let them make the final decision.” Moses and his 15-member team are making a last round of the communities to convince the Cree people to accept the deal.

Eagle Feathers In Space: This Fall The first Native American to travel in space plans to carry eagle feathers to the International Space Station. John Bennett Herrington, an Oklahoma-born Chickasaw, wants his journey to be an example to other Native Americans.

The naval officer and former test pilot will go to the station in August.

“I’ve had a chance to go back to folks in Oklahoma and sit down with kids who are Chickasaws and tell them my story,” the 43-year-old told Rocky Mountain News.

“They seemed to really identify with it and it was a chance for them to realize this was within the realm of possibility, where before they might not have thought it was. It’s important for people to realize that anything is possible.”