British politicians are holding an inquiry into the status of human rights of the First Nations in the territory claimed by Quebec.

Do the First Nations have the right to secede from an independent Quebec?
This is what they are trying to discover. This is “the crux of the matter,” says Glenn Calderwood, a spokesman for the inquiry.

“I do know that is a particular can of worms,” he said. “That’92s precisely why we’92re doing it.”

Calderwood said the inquiry is being held because of the prospect of another Quebec referendum on independence. The inquiry is asking for briefs from Crees, the Inuit and other First Nations, as well as scholars and others with an opinion.

The Grand Council of the Crees is preparing a brief. Back issues of The Nation have also been requested.

The inquiry will publish a report by December or January. It will not be binding on the British government but could be reflected in future European policies.