Most Quebecers believe Crees have the right to stay in Canada if Quebec separates, according to a new survey sponsored by the Grand Council.

Ninety per cent of Quebec anglophones said Natives have a right to stay in Canada, and 57 per cent of francophones agreed.

The poll also found that if Ottawa promises to enforce the Native right to stay, most Quebecers would vote against separation – 48 per cent would vote No compared to 38 per cent Yes.

In fact, a majority would oppose even holding another referendum if Ottawa enforced that right – 51 per cent to 43 per cent. Other findings: Almost a quarter of Yes voters would vote No or become undecided if Ottawa said Cree lands will remain in Canada. A bare majority of Quebecers also said Ottawa should “enforce” the constitution so the Crees have a right to remain in Canada.