A joint police operation led by the Kativik Regional Police Force and including the Sûreté du Québec provincial police force, the RCMP, other native police forces, Canada Customs and Canada Post has resulted in the opening of more than 50 files in Nunavik and Nunavut and the seizure of 15 kilos of marijuana, hashish, cocaine, 1,200 vials of hash oil and a quantity of bootlegged alcohol.

The drugs and alcohol have a Nunavik street value of approximately $800,000.

The operation, dubbed “White Fox,” started on April 7, in an ongoing investigation of illicit drug and alcohol related activities in Nunavik and Nunavut.

Among the quantities of drugs seized at the airport in Kuujjuaq was a shipment of 1.8 kilos of marijuana stuffed into seven packages containing raw hamburger meat. Another 300 grams of marijuana destined for Quaqtaq was seized in a powder-filled laundry detergent box.

The Kativik Regional Police Force urges the population of Nunavik to continue supporting its efforts to stem the flow of drugs and contraband alcohol into Nunavik. Members of the public can offer information to the Kativik Regional Police Force by calling 1-800-964-2644. The identity of all informants is strictly confidential.