On September 29, the community of Oujé-Bougoumou went to the polls to elect a new Chief and Council resulting in a win for Reggie Neeposh, who is the community’s new Chief, and Randy Bosum, the Deputy Chief.

Neeposh came out on top with 183 votes, beating out Anthony Hughboy who had 119 and incumbent Chief Louise Wapachee who garnered a mere 57.

For Deputy Chief, Randy Bosum won with 116 votes, beating out Gaston Cooper who had 103, Karl Simard who had 73 and Kenny Mianscum who received 66 votes.

Also elected to Council in this election were: Abel Bosum, Sam R. Bosum, Margaret M. Cooper, Rosie Rabbitskin and Curtis Bosum.

Congratulations to all of Oujé’s new Band Council members.