Once a year, around this time, the sun’s rays start to struggle their way through often-clouded days, telling us that winter is just around the bend. Other seasonal indicators tell me that moose heads will rest on truck hoods everywhere (for those who don’t practice the art of sport hunting), and it’s time to ready for a long haul at camp.

These omens of cold weather also tell us that a more sinister side is at work, one that has a lot to do with hoblins and goblins. The inner dead amongst us in the know want to don blood-stained and rot-infested clothing and act like mindless zombies, the ones who wish to run away from the neighbourhood werewolf, the twilight vampire who lives forever, perhaps? Yes, it’s Halloween.

Halloween seems to make all our fantasies of being part of the dark side a lot more legitimate than back in the good old days, when the Europeans imported shock-and-horror culture and used it to burn innocent people at the stake, or drive small wooden ones into the suspected blood-sucking vampire. Thinking back, it seems that a lot of people were persecuted this way, a vast paranoia that infected those who actually believed in vampires, to rid the world of endless life, but a dark and dreary life, one may add.

Today, these modern-day legends are captured throughout the year in endless bloodfests and on many console games. Heck, even a movie was made out of a zombie game and made millions into believing consumers.

But this Halloween promises to be interesting, just because it is dead centre in the middle of the week. How can this work out? Will the midnight spree of fake blood and face makeup last until the next weekend? Or can it not wait and happen right on schedule? Oh, the dilemma for parents around the globe. Then, perhaps the parents will say, leave the middle of the week for the kids, then we have unbridled partying on Friday? Yayyy… problem solved.

To make things more complicated, the weather of course. At this time of the year, it could rain, snow, sleet or be just plain old cold. But hey, this is up north, where wearing skimpy Halloween outfits like Cat Woman deserve merit for bravery and a free ticket to the clinic, where you can recover from frostbite and lost toes.

In any case, make sure that when the kids go out for the usual trick or treat that an adult accompany go along to carry the heavy fruit. Back in the day, sugar was doled out in concentrated levels in things call candies. Today, I suggest a serving of something healthier or at least lighter, like tasteless popped corn or other non-fattening goodies. But, back in the day, dentists were few and far apart as many toothless wonders today can attest to that.

Otherwise, just go out and have fun with your charade and outfit. Don’t forget, Christmas is right around the corner in stores these days, so lets get this party out of the way so we can concentrate on budgeting and spending! Yayy!