Cirque du Soleil’s sexy Vegas show tempts and seduces

The first thing I noticed about Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity is how much they talk! In the strange netherworld created by Quebecer Guy Laliberté, Cirque’s founder and CEO, talking is a rarity. Characters usually drone on in high-pitched nonsensical words to assure a worldwide appeal. But that’s not the only thing that makes Zumanity unique. Zumanity is not your mom and dad’s Cirque du Soleil. First of all, it doesn’t have a storyline per se. The main theme is sex. The underlying theme is sex. And oh yeah, did I mention how much sex there is? For those of you who are too prudish about sex to keep reading, read on, you might learn something.

While there are no real sexual acts, there are many simulated (and stimulating) numbers that putthe audience in a frisky mood in this cozy theatre that holds less than 1,300 people.

One of them stands out. It involves a scantily clad beauty surrounded by scented candles. In it, the luscious, submissive vixen performs acrobatic tricks on bungee cord-like suspension rope while blind folded and turned on. For those of you interested in fetishes and the BDSM scene, this would be the highlight of your night.

As she scales the twine with expert Ka, playing at the MGM Grand, is the precision, the sounds that emanate from her lips, but cannot be repeated here, made me made me temporarily re-think mydisdain for anything but meat and potatoes. She was very hot and the temperature in the roomraised a little as she sauntered off the stage. Zumanity is one of Cirque’s five Vegas shows and after seeing three of them; they all offer something different to their viewers.

Mystere, a permanent fixture at Treasure Island, is an older show that was reviewed last yearin this magazine. It offered a cute story and a playful atmosphere in a great setting. it wouldbe a great show for Cirque virgins to start off on.

Ka, playing at the MGM Grand, is the best in terms of showmanship and presentation. It brings the audience into an interactive, surreal underworld that is truly unique. With a moveable stage and the brute strength of Ka’s performers, along with the amazing intricate detail intheir costumes, there’s no wonder why it is constantly sold out.

One thing I was somewhat befuddled by is the addition of a contortionist into Zumanity’s sexy domain. Although amazing and grotesque with his body-bending manoeuvres, the guy wasn’t sexy. At all. You could feel the bemusement from the women in the audience towardsthe rubber man. That took away a bit from the theme of the show.

They recommend getting to the show early and there’s a good reason for that. Twenty minutes before the proverbial curtain goes up, an assortment of performers scour the audience for unsuspecting prey. This includes two plump “twins” who turned out to be two of the most entertaining performers. After they rub their bosoms on the head of a guy or two and feed strawberries for desert, they stroll off stage, only to appear a few scenes later. They were amusing to watch.

A Cirque show wouldn’t be complete without water. In this case, two women with bodies that defy every known law pertaining to man – and a giant bowl of water. Think of what two magic little fairies would look like if they jumped in your bottle of Evian. Without the wings of course.

This part of Zumanity emphasizes the sensual touch of two women. If you go to the bathroom during this part for whatever reason, you should get tickets for the next showing – and fast. It’s hot and interesting and had the audience watching in bewilderment as they slipped in and out of the bowl with ease, slinking along the sidesas only sexy mermaids can do.

If you’re heading to Vegas, plan ahead. Cirque du Soleil shows sell out fast. Tickets range from $69 to $129 for Zumanity and it should be stressed that it is an adult-only show. Ducats are relatively expensive for these shows, but are definitely worth the price of admission. Snacks are served before and during the show along with various beverages. For more information on their many wondrous shows, go to