The motocross world has been taken by storm by two youngsters from Ouje-Bougoumou. Katejun Coonishish, 8, and Nathaniel Bosum, 6, took first place in their age groups in a national motocross competition on Saturday, April 26, held in Victoriaville, Quebec. The next day, the speedy duo placed first in a Quebec-wide motocross contest. They were competing against 14 other kids in each race.

Nathaniel has been doing motocross a little over a year, said proud father Abel Bosum, the community’s chief. “I think he was surprised. This year, he’s a little more aggressive. He had a bad start in the tryouts and was put way to the side. He had to get off to a really good start to get a good takeoff.” But a powerful start put Nathaniel ahead of the pack and he cruised to victory without too many problems.

Katejun has been racing competitively for a year. He roared onto the racing scene last spring taking first place in his first-ever competition and beating the then-Quebec champion. This race was tougher since he was competing against some seasoned racers, but Katejun was undaunted and managed to prevail yet again.