Quebec premier Jean Charest flew to Nunavik on July 6 to announce that the region would be getting a 60% increase in healthcare dollars.

In Nunavik’s new seven-year deal with Quebec, the province will up health and social services spending from where it currently stands at $106 million to $167.5 million in 2015-16. Nunavik is also set to receive an additional $280 million for the development of essential social infrastructure.

The funding couldn’t come at a better time as Nunavik has high unemployment and a housing crisis that has resulted in severe overcrowding. Both contribute to serious social problems, particularly amongst the youth.

The Nunavik population also has a suicide rate that is seven times higher than that of the general population of Quebec.

The additional funds will address psychological and mental-health needs as well as increase youth protection along with increased funding to address a myriad of other health and social care needs.