I am Cree is a video made by young women in Northern Ontario. This was a collaboration with Girls Action Foundation through the Media Arts Training and Mentorship Project.

The project was developed to enable northern-based girls and young women to tell their stories, through the provision of a combination of support, training and mentorship. By providing accessibility to media arts training workshops and mentorship from media artists, Girls Action Foundation proposed to empower northern girls and young women to express their views on priority issues of concern to them in their communities and the wider Canadian society. The goal of the project was to support northern girls to use media arts to tell their own stories and express the challenges facing their communities.

In less than a year, four different media arts training sessions were held in Weminji Quebec, Moose Factory Ontario, Whitehorse Yukon and a pan-northern group that comprised of communities across Northern Canada. The participants gained skills, knowledge and experience in media arts as a tool for self-expression and social change.

In all 68 girls and young women participated and nine digital media arts pieces were created as a result of the training and mentorship provided by the project. Find out more at girlsactionfoundation.ca