During a board meeting October 30, Hockey Abitibi-Témiscamingue ruled the organization could ban any AAA players who played summer hockey.

The minor hockey group has provided penalties up to and including suspensions for any players that participate in summer league competition before the winter season ended. This also includes participation any non-Hockey Quebec leagues. The league is suggesting that their players take up another sport or activity during the off season.

Hockey Abitibi-Témiscamingue, which strictly abides by the rules and regulations of Hockey Quebec, is enforcing the rule in the guidelines that states, “No member shall participate in summer hockey before the end of his winter team’s season.”

Because a season is not only comprised of the standard practices and games but also heats, tournaments, festivals, and regional or provincial championships, they fear that over a summer season the young players could lose both momentum and focus.

According to the rulebook, “any organisation that condones the participation of one or more of its members in activities not recognised by Hockey Quebec during the winter season, may see one or more teams be excluded from regional and provincial championships.”

In addition, Hockey Quebec does not recognize the AAA title that takes place in the fall according to their regulation book, and likewise with Pee-Wee or Bantam levels.

Hockey Témiscamingue made the announcement so that those who wish to participate in summer hockey would be fully aware that should they engage in summer hockey leagues, sanctions could follow.