The Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre, which was founded in 1974, has outgrown the capacity of its present building. The new building, located at 1272, 7th Street, is nearing completion. The Centre will finally have the necessary infrastructure to provide essential services to aboriginal people.

The new building has three floors. On the first will be the main entrance, an exhibition hall, an arts and craft boutique, a reception area, a drop-in centre, a modern kitchen and a large dining room. On the second floor are 16 comfortable rooms that can accommodate a total of 28 people. The administrative offices, conference rooms and the community hall are located on the third floor.

The mission of the Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre is to improve the quality of life of aboriginals in transit or who live in the Val d’Or community, to promote the aboriginal culture and to maintain friendly relations with the community. The Centre offers a variety of programs and services: hostel services, conference rooms, emergency aid services, health liaison services, information and referral, job creation and training programs, cultural and recreational activities, representation in local, regional and national organizations.

To allow for the move and training, the Centre’s administrative and hostel services will be interrupted from Aug. 21 to Sept. 10. The new building will be open as of Monday, Sept. 11.

The following items are needed for the drop-in centre: TV, stereo, radio, furniture, pictures, art work, books. Donations welcome. Info: (819) 825-6857.