High above the streets of Montreal at the five star Delta Centre-Ville in a rotating restaurant, a small group of young entrepreneurial pioneers were discussing the future after seeing former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore do his presentation on climate change. Many ideas were thrown around at this supper meeting. The initiative of creating a corporation to promote autonomy and economic development in the youth population was discussed and agreed on.

Upon the return to their home community of Nemaska, two of these participants made plans and acted upon them to form a new corporation. With the help of the right political connections and allies these two young men overcame various obstacles and quandaries. With the assistance of the local economic development officer, the two hired a firm to complete all the legal tasks necessary for the incorporation. The Nemaska Youth Development Corporation was legally incorporated on August 31, 2007.

The corporation is currently running a restaurant and a web cafe/youth centre. They are in the process of creating a clothing store called “The Underground” which will have its Grand Opening on March 21, 2008. The clientele expectations are geared mainly towards the youth but will have products such as baby clothes, electronics, and other items. The corporation is also working with some potential entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses, offering consultation and assistance. The Nemaska Youth Development Corporation is composed of a board of 11 directors and the sole member of this corporation is the Nemaska Youth Council.

Jeremy Diamond: President

Simeon Wapachee: Vice-President

Nigel Orr: Executive Director

Gary Jolly: Director

Jamie Pashagumskum: Director

Elijah Wapachee : Director

Bill Blackned: Director

Cheryl Wapachee : Director

Silas Blackned: Director

Evelyn Tanoush: Director

Catherine Cheezo: Director