On the morning of August 13, John Blackned, 36, became the latest victim of a swarming attack perpetrated by yet another group of youths, most of which were minors, said his brother Jim Blackned. The incident happened in Nemaska.

According to Jim Blackned, his brother was attacked “by five females (two were minors and three were over the age of 18) along with two male members (both minors) of a gang known as NWO.” Their weapons of choice were apparently 2×4 wood planks.

After the attack, John Blackned was sent to Montreal via medi-vac where he endured eight hours of surgery to reassemble his jaw and teeth. After convalescing in Montreal for over two weeks he was flown back home on August 29.

This latest incident comes just weeks after the Nation reported on a similar incident in Chisasibi where Edward Bearskin was beaten in a similar fashion by a group of youths.

Though the Nation pursued further details from the Nemaska police and comments from both the police commissioner and Youth Protection, neither felt it necessary to share their views with the general public, or discuss what kind of possible action could be taken.

According to various sources, this type of youth violence in Cree communities is rumoured to be on the rise.

The Nation will continue to pursue this story as more details unfold.