Bosum told the Nation. “I was a bit nervous at that time as the night went on, I got used to riding with all these fast guys. When I went there I just basically wanted to have fun. I wasn’t expecting to qualify for the main event said Bosum”

“When I did my first qualify. When I went into the stadium there was a lot of people. I was nervous because of that he said”. Going into the race I wasn’t concentrating on qualifying I was too nervous so I didn’t qualify in that race”.

“But when I finally went to the last chance that’s when I qualified and finished third they only took in four riders said Bosum”. “I pulled a really good start and kept a lead for two laps after that two riders passed me and then I qualified into the finals and this time I wasn’t nervous at all I had a good feeling I would be able to do good at this one he said”.

“My brother Kristy told before to just go out there and have fun, don’t even think about how many people are out there, do the best you can his brother told him”. The Nation asked him when is his next race? He said “I will be competing in the National race only next year and I’m not even sure of the dates yet he said”. “For this year I’m staying home to train with a personal trainer and I’m probably going to do snow cross racing for now just to get in shape but I won’t be racing a lot but I also want to play hockey as well My other favorite sport. For this year I just want to stay home be with my family, take my mind off racing so next year I’ll be in better shape for the pro racing he said”.

I was the only native to compete in Toronto and also the youngest all the other guys were 18 and up. And in closing Bosum said “I would like to thank first of all my parents for their support in helping me to continue the sport and I thank my whole family and also my good friends who aren’t putting any doubts in my mind to do my racing and I would like to say to those people who have a dream like being a professional hockey player or anything that involves sports is to never stop believing what you want to do, keep at it, keep on going, take a lot of training and sacrifice a lot of yourselves that’s the only way to succeed and Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.