Bizarre news from the “men in black” at NASA.

An official of the space agency has told The Nation that NASA has not sent any of its personnel to Whapmagoostui to study the “alleged” meteorite that created a new bay 10 miles north of the community.

Cree band officials in the community say four individuals claiming to be from NASA showed up in town a few weeks ago and headed off to inspect the new bay.

“I asked a number of people. No one here or anyone they deal with has any knowledge about anybody going up there,” said Don Savage, an official with NASA’s Space Science Division in Washington, D.C.

“We hadn’t heard of any impacts in that area. If there had been it would have been widely reported by the Geological Society,” he added.

As we speak, Canadian geological officials are examining records from military satellites to check if there is any record of a meteorite. According to one meteor expert, most meteorite impacts are in fact never detected by any seismic or satellite monitors.

Savage also denied knowing about any NASA facilities in Northern Quebec. A small, unmanned facility of undetermined nature with NASA logos emblazoned all over it has long puzzled the residents of nearby Chisasibi.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Savage said. “I’ve asked a few people but nobody has told me anything definite.”

A Hydro-Quebec internal newsletter has reported that the facility does indeed belong to NASA and is there to check “isostatic rebound,” which is the rebound of the earth after the glaciers of the Ice Age melted.