The first of many “sighting” stories to appear in The Nation.

February 17, 1995 (Vol. 2, No. 5)

On Nov. 7, 1991, between 5:22 and 5:24 p.m., I was turning right to the street where I live and at the same instant I saw a bright orange yellowish light travelling behind the tree tops, behind the Telebec Tower eastward of the town of Mistissini. From my judgement, the object was relatively close. If I’m not mistaken, it sort of made a turn towards the village at an angle-wise position. At the time it came toward the village. The first thing that came to my mind was it’s a chopper flying at night. But at the same time it was somewhat curious.

Then at that point, I saw what looked like two headlights. And I also saw what I thought looked like blue, red or green strobe lights.

It somewhat appeared to be lighted all around. A few houses obstructed my view. But it appeared again. This time it appeared to have changed its colours to a blue-greenish type…

At the same time I was pulling up to my driveway honking my horn to catch the attention of my family who were inside the house. One of my boys managed to get out in time to see it go by for about three to five seconds. I personally witnessed the event for about 10 seconds or more along with a neighbour who happened to be walking by facing the same direction on the opposite side of the road. I remember lowering my car window to listen or hoping to hear turbulence or listen to a chopper fly by. But to my surprise I did not hear anything other than my truck purring like a kitten. I then asked the person walking on the other side of the street if she heard anything. She confirmed not hearing anything.

Maybe this sounds crazy. However, I did feel a little somewhat strange. Anyway I saw what I saw…

Ed. Note: Other sightings of a mysterious object were reported at the same time from people at Perch River (10 miles away) and people travelling on the road from Chibougamau (30 miles away). Similar reports later came in from Schefferville and Gagnon.

The Monster

Written by: johnny Brien, Grade 4 (Voyageur Memorial School) One of the entries in the 2nd Nation and Cree School Board Essay Contest. Dec. 29, 1995 (Vol. 3, No. 3)

Once there was a boy named Patrick. He was a brave boy. One day when he was finished his supper he went into the woods to get some wood. Hesawa U.F.O. He went to see what was in the U.F.O.

He saw a monster coming at him. The monster said, “What’s your name?” Patrick was too scared to say his name. Then jewyll, Jeremy, Noah and I saw the monster eating Patrick. Jeremy ran home and didn’t come back. The police came and shot the monster. The monster died. Jewyll, Jeremy, Noah, Patrick and I were in the hospital. The police took the monster and threw him in the dump. The police were happy that the monster was dead. Later the U.F.O. came back to pick up the monster but he was dead.