Murray Porter grew up and still lives on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario. 1494: Who Found Who? is his first album and all he asks for is a chance. “Have an open mind and have a listen. Then you make your own judgement on the music itself,” he says.

I’ve listened to the music and enjoyed the energy of this hot new native artist. Murray’s own song lyrics say it all : “See I’m a red man singing the black man’s blues living in a white man’s world. ”

Indeed, you can hear the influences of B. B. King, Ray Charles, Downchild Blues Band and the Guess Who when you turn this artist on. The music has a strong mainstream beat with lyrics that any native can feel and understand.

Murray Porter has touched a beat of the native heart with lyrics from songs like Whiteman’s Card, a song that talks about the racial double-standard of the government’s Indian card by asking, “Where’s your whiteman’s card?/prove to me you ain’t black/Where’s your whiteman’s card?”

It seems Murray has been bothered by border guards, store clerks and the I.R.S., all asking him to prove his ancestry and getting upset when he questioned theirs.

I asked Murray about his choice of lyrics in a phone interview. He told me he didn’t expect every song to go Top 40 and he had a few things to get off his chest. Also the record deal with EMI and First Nation’s Music Publishing promised him free rein. He put it to the test.

What a test and what an album. If it’s not available at your local outlet, demand that they get this album and sit back and enjoy. I fully expect that Murray Porter will be picking up a Juno next year. The first single is 1492 Who Found Who?

Murray’s getting ready to tour the album’s hotspots, so catch him while you can. A few people in Whapmagoostui might remember as he played there last November. While Murray was prepared for the cd, most of his band wasn’t, but from reports they were and still are hot when they hit the stage.

To book Murray Porter call First Nation’s Music Publishing at 1-416-291-7651. The album itself is available from EMI Records.